Tools for Guided Reading

Let's talk engagement! With technology becoming so prevalent in our students' lives, I think we can all agree that we often struggle to grab our students' interest when it comes to reading. Let's face it, our students want instant gratification and sometimes reading takes patience. Sometimes it takes a few pages, or even a few chapters, to really grab my interest... same for our students! From guided reading instruction to reading for pleasure, I think it's super important to instill a love of reading in our young readers so any way that I can make reading more FUN will *hopefully* lay the foundation for a LOVE of reading if they can just learn to give it a chance. I have gathered some fun tools that I keep at our small group reading table to make our guided reading time more fun for the kiddos.

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These finger puppet eyes are a sure favorite among the kiddos! The googly eyes are movable and the kids crack up when I say to keep your eyes on the words - haha! You can find these particular finger eyes at my affiliate link {HERE}.

These "magic wands" are actually just drink stirrers, but they're super fun and help the kiddos to track their reading. I also use them to help the students identify sight words in the text or to target vocabulary words as well - "Put the STAR around the vocabulary word!" You can find a pack of these at my affiliate link {HERE}.

These crazy fingers are so easy to use and probably the least distracting as the kiddos simply put them on their fingers and they stay there until we are done using them. I call them crazy fingers rather than witch fingers or zombie fingers so that I can use them year-round, rather than just seasonally or around Halloween time. Added bonus: they glow in the dark! EEK! You can find these crazy fingers at my affiliate link {HERE}.

These finger lights....well, they're my favorite! The kiddos absolutely 100% LOVE them! They come in different colors and the students can either strap them around their fingers like shown above or just hold them and track their reading or highlight important words or text. These are so fun in the dark for a Flashlight Friday reading time! I just ordered a set of 100 from this affiliate link {HERE}. Let me add that it is super important to practice the appropriate expectations for using finger lights as reading tools so they do not become a distraction for the students, but once you've set clear expectations the kids will do a great job!

These magnifying glasses I reserve for Close Reading as they signify digging deeper into the text as a detective would! We also use them to find sight words and vocabulary words in the text. They are plastic, but still great quality and much safer than glass! They can be found at my affiliate link {HERE}.

I hope these Guided Reading Tools give you some inspiration for making reading more fun for your students. Please feel free to PIN the image below if you want to save this blog post for later or share with your teacher friends!

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