Classroom Reveal 2017-2018

Hello everybody! I wanted to welcome you into a virtual tour of my 2017-2018 classroom. I have included LOTS of pictures and links when possible. Welcome to Room 33.

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The pictures above are the overall look of my classroom, but let's get to some close-ups so that you can see all the pretty details!

This picture shows a closer view of the front corner of my classroom. This is where my teacher desk is located. I have my teacher desk pushed up against the wall to save room. I never sit down at my teacher desk during the school day anyway, so no worries about my back being to the students. I have thought about getting rid of my teacher desk, but I like to have a spot for my ActivBoard computer and document camera, along with an area to house my teacher supplies. My small group table is in the front corner of the classroom where I can work with a small group, but also have my eye on the other students working in centers. The rug is one of my most beloved classroom decor items. It came from Target, but you can find one similar at this affiliate link {HERE}.

Moving to the right a little, you can see that I lined my large whiteboard with border from Creative Teaching Press. The Word Work board is also lined with border from Creative Teaching Press. The bungee chair is from Target for about $30, but you can find one similar at my affiliate link {HERE}. I printed the letters for the Word Work board on Astrobrights paper using the free font MTF Jumpin' Jack. I simply made the letters large enough to fit one to a page in PowerPoint, printed, then laminated - so easy and NO cutting! :)

This is the front of my classroom from a different angle. You can see my beautiful rug even more closely here and also my classroom library. The small book baskets are from The Dollar Tree and the larger book baskets are from Big Lots. My turn-in trays on top of the black shelf are also from The Dollar Tree.

This area is beside my small group table and houses all of my math manipulatives and math centers. The paper baskets on top are a BIG part of how I stay so organized and avoid STACKS of paper. You can find an entire blog post about this system {HERE}. The paper baskets are from Really Good Stuff. The black labels are a free download from Ladybug's Teacher Files {HERE}.

Back to the front of the room for an even closer look. The subject cards are from Ladybug's Teacher Files {HERE} and I will write our target skills for the day beside each of the subject areas. The students write our skills for the day in their daily agenda that goes home each day. The letters for Today's Date are magnetic letters from Teacher Created Resources.

In this picture you can see a close-up of my classroom library baskets from The Dollar Tree and Big Lots. I also took a printable from Lyndsey Kuster at A Year of Many Firsts and put it in an inexpensive picture frame from The Dollar General. The cursive "read" and the bucket with the word "read" came from the Target Dollar Spot. The green bucket has 25 plastic magnifying glasses in it to use during Close Reading, for finding vocabulary words or spelling patterns, or for other reading purposes. The giant clothespin came from Michael's clearance section.

This is another close-up of my Word Work section. Again, I printed the letters for the Word Work board on Astrobrights paper using the free font MTF Jumpin' Jack. I simply made the letters large enough to fit one to a page in PowerPoint, printed, then laminated - so easy and NO cutting! The small dry-erase easel came from the Target Dollar Spot. It has a dry-erase surface on the front, a chalkboard surface on the back side, and also will hold a 12 inch roll of paper that feeds through the top so that you can write, tear, and pull more paper down. It was only $10 - such a steal! I will blog more about what I include in my Word Work station in a later blog post. And yes, I am missing one Sterilite container and it's driving me bonkers - haha! :) Beside my cute polka dot lamp, you can see the BEST classroom pencil sharpener ever. You can find this one at my affiliate link {HERE}. I have had this electric pencil sharpener for probably 5 years and it's still going strong!

This bookshelf is beside my teacher desk and small group table. The drawer labels with subjects are an editable file that I purchased from Learning in Wonderland {HERE}. The Sterilite 3-Drawer containers can be found at my affiliate link {HERE}. The Monday-Friday labels are a FREEBIE from Ladybug Teacher Files {HERE}. The bins are from Big Lots several years ago. The black one at the end is for extras or for the next week and is in desperate need of a label. :)

This is one of my Technology stations. The bigger gray containers are from Dollar General and will house the 10 Chromebooks for our classroom. The 5 drawer container actually holds the 6 Kindles that I purchased for my classroom during the Amazon Prime Day sale. They fit PERFECTLY in these drawers! I need to re-label the drawers to say Kindle 1-5, but haven't had a chance to yet! I have 6 Kindles and simply put 2 of them in the bottom drawer. By the way, Kindle Fire 7 tablets are an EXCELLENT way to add some technology into your classroom on a budget! You can find them at my affiliate link {HERE}. The blank chalkboard poster is from Creative Teaching Press and I will be posting Technology Expectations on this poster.

 This pictures shows my other Technology area where my 4 desktop Macs are in the corner of the room. You can also see my STEM Bin bookshelf here. I will have a closer look at this down below. My classroom jobs are under the header "We Lead" and my classroom data will be displayed under the "Class Data" header. Close-ups below. The alphabet at the very top of this picture can be found in Ladybug Teacher File's store {HERE}.

This is a close-up of my STEM Bin area. You can purchase STEM Bins from Brooke Brown at Teaching Outside the Box {HERE}. I HIGHLY recommend and will be doing a blog post about them soon! The Sterilite container links can be found in a blog post {HERE}. The two pillows are outdoor pillows from Michael's. The smaller rug is from Target. The STEM Bin poster is included in the STEM Bin product I linked to above. I printed and put it into a picture frame from Dollar General. The cursive "create" and the purple bucket saying "create" are from the Target Dollar Section. The giant clothespin is from Michael's clearance section. Underneath the STEM Bins display frame and the clothespin is the book Iggy Peck, Architect which is perfect for introducing STEM in your classroom. This picture book can be found at my affiliate link {HERE}.

The Classroom Jobs are from Lindsay Flood at Primary Polka Dots {HERE}. I still need to put the velcro numbers on the jobs, but we haven't filled out our job applications yet. You can find job application in my Creating Superstars in the Classroom product found {HERE}. My clipchart is also located in that pack. From this angle, you can also see my Makerspace Quote Posters (with the lightbulbs) above my STEM shelf. They are from Teaching Outside the Box found {HERE}. I just printed them on Astrobrights paper to make them colorful.

This is where I will display our Classroom Data board. I will be writing a blog post about this soon, but until then you can find the incentive posters from Creative Teaching Press {HERE}.

This area will house my Math Fact Fluency resources. The baskets are from Really Good Stuff. Inside the baskets I have my favorite tools for the students to practice math fact fluency. I will have a blog post about this later, but for now I have Hot Dot pens {affiliate link HERE} and Hot Dot cards {affiliate links} for Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication. These are a classroom favorite! I also have flash cards purchased from The Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Section for $1 each. Additionally, I have some dry-erase workbooks that I found in the Target Dollar Section that you can read more about in an upcoming blog post. The pillows to the right are from Walmart several years ago and are still going somewhat strong. :)

So there you have it! This picture is a view from my teacher corner of the room looking towards the classroom door. Thank you for visiting Room 33. Feel free to PIN anything you might find useful. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below or visit my Facebook Page or Instagram account where you can see more pictures of my classroom in action! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. it all looks so good Jamie!!! I am so ready to get into my room!

  2. Love the black with all the color! Can I ask where you got your stem bin and math fluency shelves from? They look sturdier than the cheap-o ones that Walmart sells. Thanks!
    - Katy
    firstgradekate at gmail dot com

  3. Love it!! How do you organize your classroom library? I noticed there weren't any labels, and I would love to know what you do!