Sunday, July 16, 2017

2nd Grade Math Centers for the Entire Year!

Are you tired of spending time and money prepping math centers? If so, then THIS is the resource for YOU! All you need to implement these centers are dice, playing cards, OR spinners - YOU CHOOSE! No more printing, laminating, and cutting for hours! This is a complete set of math centers for the ENTIRE YEAR with very little prep work.

You can find "2nd Grade Math Centers for the Entire Year - 36 Centers" in my TPT Store {HERE} or by clicking the picture above. 

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This resource was designed with the busy teacher in mind! These math centers are EASY PREP, LOW COST, and TIME SAVING! The centers in this file can all be used with items you probably already have in your classroom or at home. If not, the materials are super cheap and easy to prep. All task cards and recording sheets are available to print in black and white to save paper, lamination, and printer ink. The centers can also be used year-round, rather than seasonal. Switch them out as needed! The design of the centers allows for easy differentiation to meet all your learners’ diverse needs.

This file includes:
+ Detailed Instructions for How to Implement in Your Classroom (includes pictures)
+ Detailed Instructions for How to Differentiate in Your Classroom (includes pictures)
+ Detailed Ideas for Saving Time, Money, and Effort with Math Centers (includes pictures) 
+ 36 Center Tasks with Visual Cues that Correlate to Every 2nd Grade Common Core Standard
+ 36 Response Sheets with Differentiation to Copy or Put in Sheet Protectors for Dry-Erase
+ 17 Different Spinners for Differentiation
+ 1 Full Set of Ten Frame Playing Cards

Download the Preview File in my TPT Store {HERE} for a sneak peak into this resource.

Detailed Instructions for How to Implement: 

All you need for these centers are playing cards, dice, OR spinners! You can see a closer look at the three options in the pictures below.

This resource comes with a full set of 10 frame cards as shown above OR you can simply use regular playing cards. You can purchase regular playing cards through my affiliate link {HERE}. 

You can purchase the differentiated dice shown in the pictures above by clicking on my affiliate link {HERE}. 

You can save money by using the paperclip/pencil method shown above or you can purchase the clear spinner overlays at my affiliate link {HERE}. 

For an easy way to differentiate, you can purchase colored paper through my affiliate link {HERE}.

If you prefer to re-use your recording sheets to save paper and copying time, you can purchase dry-erase pockets at my affiliate link {HERE} or simple sheet protectors will also work available {HERE}. You will want to use Fine Point dry-erase markers that can be found at my affiliate link {HERE}.

Each center task can be printed on a half-sheet of paper in black and white. There are full color visual cues on the center task cards as well to help remind your little learners of the directions.

The response sheets can be printed on regular paper and copied for students to complete or placed in dry-erase sleeves for repeated use. Many response sheets allow for differentiation through the materials you provide with the spinners, dice, or cards.

Just add dice, spinners, or cards! It's that easy!

I have included 17 different spinners if you wish to use them for differentiation purposes and also a full set of 10-frame playing cards to help support your struggling learners. These are optional as regular playing cards will work just as well.

I hope this resource can help save you time, money, and effort. I created this resource because I needed something that was easy, yet efficient, that I could implement all year long. Hope you find it useful! Thanks for stopping by!


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