Top 5 Teacher Must-Haves: #4

Each day this week, I will be sharing one of my top 5 teacher must-have items. These are items that make my teacher life easier, my classroom more organized, and my time more efficient. In case you missed the previous posts, you will want to catch up by reading {HERE}, {HERE}, and {HERE} to see my other teacher must-have items. Join me tomorrow to see another item and how I use it in my classroom. Edited to add: You can now see the last blog post in this series {HERE}.

#4 Sterilite Clip Boxes
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If you follow me on Instagram, then this Teacher Must-Have does NOT come as a surprise to you! :) I recently purchased an excessive large amount of these clip boxes from Sterilite in an effort to streamline my classroom storage to a cleaner, more unified look.  However, I can't decide on the darker blue, the NEW aqua blue color (super hard to find), or the green which I already own a several of.
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The small clip boxes below are the perfect size for school supplies (pencils, markers, crayons, even small tablets will fit). Let me warn you, however, these aqua blue ones are extremely hard to find. You can find the darker blue clip boxes in this small size at my affiliate link {HERE}.

The medium clip boxes are perfect for larger school supplies or extra materials. They're the same shape as the smaller ones, but deeper so they stack perfectly! You can find these medium sized clip boxes at my affiliate link {HERE}.

The larger clip boxes like below are PERFECT for math or ELA centers/materials. They are big enough to hold the materials (dice, spinners, cards, game boards, etc.) as well as the recording sheets plus writing utensils, etc. They are easily opened and closed by the students and stack perfectly to create a nice, stream-lined place for your center materials. You can find the larger sized clip boxes at my affiliate link {HERE}.

Finally, Sterilite also makes a deep clip box that is deeper than the one above. It is perfect for storing your bigger math manipulatives. In the pictures below, I have all of my dice that we use in math stored in one. And of course, they are STACKABLE - YES! You can find these at my affiliate link {HERE}.

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These links are all to the darker blue handle clip boxes. 

So there you have it! My obsession collection of Sterilite Clip Boxes! I plan to completely give my classroom a facelift and switch over to ALL Sterilite Clip Box storage! Wish me luck deciding on a color! :) Don't forget to join me tomorrow to see my last teacher must-have item! You can find me here on the blog, on my Facebook Page, or on Instagram. See you soon!

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