Top 5 Teacher Must-Haves: #1

Each day this week, I will be sharing one of my top 5 teacher must-have items. These are items that make my teacher life easier, my classroom more organized, and my time more efficient. So join me each day to see another must-have item! Edited to add: See the other blog posts in this series {HERE}, {HERE}, {HERE}, and {HERE}.

This links to a 4-pack of drawers which is how many I use in my classroom.

These 3-drawer containers made by Sterilite are a life-saver! They are designed to fit 8.5" x 11" paper perfectly with room to spare. Let me show you how I use them in my classroom.

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I have one drawer per subject area. I plan one unit at a time, so I put all of my unit plans, materials, and copies in the drawers. Then when it's time to use a set of copies or materials, I just pull them out of the drawer and down into the Monday - Friday bins. I will have a blog post about those later! ;) These colorful labels are from Learning in Wonderland and can be purchased {HERE}.

The larger size drawers are also the perfect fit for iPads or similar sized tablets. If you are able, you can also drill a hole in the back of the drawer for your charger cable to slip through! The smaller 5-drawer containers are also a perfect fit for iPods if you're lucky enough to have those in your classroom. Those can be found {Affiliate Link} HERE in a pack of 4 as well.

Lastly, I use the 3-drawer containers on my teacher desk to organize papers that need to be graded, copied, and filed. Notice that I left these transparent purposely so that I can see inside! It's easy to forget about papers when you can't see what's inside. This set stays on or near my teacher desk and helps to avoid stacks of paper sitting everywhere!

So there you have it! My #1 Teacher Must-Have item - 3-Drawer Sterilite Containers {Affiliate Link}! Join me tomorrow night here on the 2nd Grade Stuff blog, on my Facebook page, or on Instagram to see #2! See ya then! :)

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