Bright Ideas Round-Up

Several months ago, a group of bloggers decided to get together and start posting some simple, yet effective Bright Ideas. In these posts, there were no products, no links, no advertising. We just wanted to share nice and easy, simple to implement, Bright Ideas. For the month of November, we are rounding-up some of our old Bright Ideas posts so that you can take a peek at them again and hopefully browse the link-up below to find some more Bright Ideas that you can use NOW in your classroom! We hope you enjoy this round-up of Bright Ideas!

My most popular Bright Ideas post was my post about managing your turn-in tray using clothespins! It was a simple idea, yet one that so many people fell in love with! It's now my #3 most popular blog post on 2nd Grade Stuff. You can go back and read the original post {HERE} or click on the picture below.

My next Bright Idea that was a sure hit was my post about organizing all the never-ending amounts of PAPER in your classroom - How to Avoid Stacks of Paper. This post was one of the most pinned on Pinterest on my entire blog! You can go back and read the original post {HERE} or click the picture below.

I hope you've enjoyed this Round-Up of Bright Ideas and maybe you have found something that you can take back to your classroom and implement immediately! If not, check out MORE Bright Ideas by browsing the links below for thousands of our most popular posts. Enjoy! :)


  1. I so want to do this as I have papers laying all over, but I also need shelves to put the baskets on. There are very little shelves in my room and none that are built in. However, I have 2 built-in radiators that take up plenty of space (very old school).

  2. Where did you get your baskets? The colorful ones that say extra class sets, extra papers, etc. I love those!!!

  3. Thanks for your comment Lee Ann! I completely understand the issues with being in an old school!

    Rachelle, the baskets came from Really Good Stuff ( They're wonderful!

    The black labels can be downloaded for FREE from my friend over at Ladybug's Teacher Files too! You can find them in this blog post:

  4. Can I ask where you got your shelf?? I have hardly any shelving in my class!