Back to School Planning!

I am getting ready to head outside and enjoy some sunshine, but I wanted to share my newest creation with you super quickly: Back to School Math and ELA Centers and some other back to school fun ideas!

This collection of Math and ELA Centers are designed to be used in a 2nd grade classroom. They will serve as a review of 1st grade Common Core Standards since the centers are designed for the beginning of 2nd grade. The 10 specific standards covered are noted below:

Math Centers:
1. Add Three Numbers (Review of 1.OA.8)
2. True or False Sort (Review of 1.OA.7)
3. Adding Bigger Numbers (Review of 1.NBT.4)
4. Working with Shapes (Review of 1.G.3)
5. Tens and Ones (Review of 1.NBT.2)

ELA Centers:
1. Long and Short Vowel Sort (Review of 1.RF.2)
2. Words with Similar Meanings (Review of 1.L.5)
3. Fix the Sentences! (Review of 1.L.2)
4. My First Day of School Narrative Writing (Review of 1.W.3)
5. Correct and Incorrect Sentence Sort (Review of 1.L.1)

You will get ALL of this and more in your purchase:

I have included both full-color (chalkboard background) and printer-friendly versions (white backgrounds) of the task pages and sorting mats. The full-color versions are in the document as is, while the printer-friendly versions are all located in the back of the file for your printing convenience. Simply click File, Print, then select the pages you wish to print (either the full-color pages or printer-friendly pages). I hope you enjoy the extra option of printer-friendly pages!  You can see the two versions, both included in the pack, below:

You can click on any of the pictures above or click {HERE} to check them out in my TPT store.

If you're slowly getting ready for the back to school madness, you can check out my other back to school activities in my store also!  Click on each picture below to see the individual product in my store.

This activity pack is easy to use and fun for the kiddos!  This includes several printables for getting to know you, understanding the classroom rules, the first day of school, and also a goal setting activity complete with a bulletin board/classroom display!  I think you'll love it!

Need to add some brightly colored decor into your classroom?  There is over 130 pages of decor in this pack at a super great price.  Check out the pack below!

I also have this popcorn-themed back to school activities pack that includes 3 back to school writing craftivities!  This is a pack that I created last year for back to school fun!

Last, but not least, I have my Back to School Common Core Writing Activities.  I have an entire post that explains the concept behind these monthly Common Core Writing Packs that can be found {HERE}.

OK, that's all!  It has been raining in Kentucky for what seems like weeks, so I'm off to enjoy some fun in the sun FINALLY!  If you don't have time to check these out now or if you are also enjoying some fun in the sun, you can easily Pin It for later by using the nifty little Pin It buttons beside each picture!  Thanks for stopping by, my friends!  I'll be back for some organizational tips for your classroom in the next few days!


  1. I love your back to school centers

  2. Love, love , love all your back to school goodies!

    I'll be using your August Writing Activities pack our first week back! It's so perfect for introducing all of our classroom and school rules and my kiddos loved making their brochures last year!

    Hope you're having a great summer!!

  3. Jamie-
    I promised to let you know when I blogged about the wonderful back to school activities pack I won from you earlier this summer--and I just did today! I included a link to it in your TpT store. Enjoy:)
    2nd to None

  4. Thanks so much Jen! I just left a comment and downloaded your awesome freebie activity! :)