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I'm not even kidding when I say this will be a mini-infomercial.  I apologize in advance for this blog post being a big ole infomercial for products.  I would LOVE to blog about something a little more fun, but I have honestly been working like a crazy person on creating a couple of super time-consuming products for TPT, so I really haven't had time for anything else fun.  So, let's make this quick and painless - ha!

Let me introduce.....

4th Grade Common Core Graphic Organizers!!
Some of you are probably saying..."Finally!"

After a LOT of requests and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (kidding....kind of), these are ready and available in my TPT store!  These are very similar in layout to my 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade Common Core Graphic Organizers.  The graphic organizers included in this pack will provide formative assessments that are an easy form of documentation for mastery of the Common Core Standards.  Each graphic organizer highlights the specific vocabulary from the standard and some standards even have up to 4 different graphic organizers to target each specific part of the standard.  NOTHING is left out of this resource pack!  Using this pack of graphic organizers will ensure that you have taught and the students have mastered the Common Core Standards in Reading for Literature AND Informational Text.  Best part: They can be used with any book, basal, or ELA curriculum.  You can check out the contents below or click {HERE} to find this file on TPT.

If you are new to my blog or are finding me through Pinterest (how awesome is that?!), you can check out my other Graphic Organizer packs by clicking the pictures below.

Would you like to test out some of my graphic organizers first before you buy?  Click the picture below to download a FREE SAMPLE of my 2nd Grade Common Core Graphic Organizers.  Don't have time now?  Pin it for download later.  The Pin It button is beside the picture.

  Wait!  Don't go anywhere!  I also have Common Core Math Quick Assessments to match!

Click on the pictures above to check out these items on TPT.  Also, PIN AWAY, my friends!  If you're in summer-mode and can't even *think* about school right now, just pin a pic from this post and come back to it in August!  ;-)  If you notice, each picture on my blog now has a cool little Pin It button beside it, so that makes it easy for you to pin things right from the blog post to come back to later.  We won't even go into the html coding drama behind getting that "Pin It" button on this blog.... You're welcome!

One more thing and then I'm done - promise!  I have created a fun little Back to School Activities Pack also.  This will be lots of fun for your students and even includes a Classroom Display or Bulletin Board Display in the pack.  It's fun, easy, and engaging for the kiddos.  Check it out below or click {HERE} to check it out on TPT.  It's a great price!

Thanks y'all for tuning in!  Now... back to your regularly scheduled programming.  Next blog post: something fun, interesting, and light-hearted - promise!  :)

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