Five for Friday Fun!

Hey friends!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday this week!  And my FIVE are super random, but so is my life right now, because it's SUMMER BREAK!  I live for random in the summer time.  :)

1. Target Finds!
Oh, the Target Dollar Section got me once again!  I went in for some shorts to wear on vacation and I came out with Dollar Section Deals.  Check them out below.  They ALL color-coordinate.... ahhhh.

2. Vera Bradley LOVE
I admit it (and that's the first step right?).  I am totally addicted to all things Vera Bradley.  I have this pattern (called Canyon) and also the red, black, and white (called Deco Daisy) which is now retired *insert sad face here*.  We're going on vacation soon so I needed some more little cosmetic bags and such, right???  Does it make it any better if I got two of the items for 50% off??

3. My Blogging Calendar
This is a major shout-out to an incredibly talented friend of mine named Gina who blogs over at Third Grade Tidbits.  She created this little gem that literally is the only thing that keeps this little blog of mine running here lately.  I can keep track of all my blog posts, FB posts, Pinterest pins, giveaways, linky parties, and more!  If you're a blogger or TPT seller, you definitely need to head on over to her store and pick up this calendar.  It's amazing.  The best part: I printed it out at home in color (much cheaper) and then took it to Staples and they spiral-bound it for $4.23 - Holla!

4. Erasable Pens - What?
Yes, that is correct.  These are ink pens that write beautifully and ERASE!  So if you have one of those crazy expensive planners, don't mess it all up by scribbling and you certainly don't want to write in pencil (how boring!).  These are made by Pilot and are called Frixion.  They are fabulous.  I got mine at Office Depot, but you can order them online at Amazon too!  The colors are fabulous and match my cute little blogging calendar up above.  :)

5. Scentsy Plug-In
Isn't this little plug-in as cute as can be?  I just caved into the Scentsy craze and bought one last weekend.  I have it in my master bathroom.  I have a splash of red with chocolate and tan so it matches perfectly.  I also have a touch of red in my kitchen so I switch it between the two rooms...hmmm...maybe I need to buy another.  I am currently burning Sugar Cookie, but also bought Happy Birthday.  What's your favorite Scentsy scent?

Well, that's it for my Five for Friday!  I'll be posting these pictures on my 2nd Grade Stuff Instagram Account.  If you don't already follow me there, head on over and click Follow.  You can also just search 2ndgradestuff on your iPhone or other mobile device in the Instagram app and find me that way!

Now that I have the time, I'm actually getting back into pinning on Pinterest and am finding some awesome ideas for next year already!  If you just started following my blog or FB page, then you probably missed my craziness with my Pinterest account.  I had a ton of followers on Pinterest and then craziness happened with something about Twitter and Pinterest and other tech-crazy shenanigans and to make a long story short, I had to start my Pinterest account back from scratch, because I somehow deleted my awesome Pinterest account from deleting my Twitter account (boo!).  So if you don't follow my Pinterest account, you can head on over and follow me there also!  {Click Here}.

I promise I will stop after this one.  On my list of things to do this weekend is to add a Facebook Fan Freebie tab to my 2nd Grade Stuff Facebook Page.  This will be my way of rewarding those loyal fans that follow my Facebook page.  I will offer FREEBIES from that page that will be available to FACEBOOK FANS ONLY!  They won't be offered on my blog, TPT, or anywhere else!  So don't miss out on any FREEBIES by clicking "Like" 2nd Grade Stuff on Facebook.  I'm hoping to have the Freebie Tab up and running this weekend!

Stay connected with me friends!  And I will try to my best to keep up with the latest in social media!  ;-)  Have an awesome Friday and an even better weekend!


  1. I love how you did all of those pictures. What program did you use? I may have to get some of those pens, too!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. I LOVE your blogging planner! I need one of those! My poor blog has been so neglected lately! This would help me so much... I'm off to Third Grade Tidbits to see how to get this!!! :)

    The Price of Teaching

  3. What a great set of finds at Target:) I think I need that blogger planner, too. I might be able to keep things more organized if I have it :) And the pens....I think I'm in love ;) I'll have to grab those soon!
    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Totally going to have to check out that blogging calendar! Awesome pics, even if they were random:)

  5. Jamie!

    I just went over and followed you on Instagram AND Pinterest. I love how you have your boards set up. Mine we're organized but yours are REALLY organized.

    So inspired :)

  6. Thanks a bunch for the tip on the blogging calendar. I really need something to keep things nice and organized!
    Whimsy Workshop 

  7. I've been eyeing that Scentsy warmer because I love it so much! I may just have to order it.
    Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

  8. I went to Target and was bummed, my dollar section was a bust! Hopefully they will update it soon! I also now follow you on Pinterest! I must say you had some good "pins." Next year will be my first year teaching 2nd grade. I'm SO excited!
    Mrs. Wilson's Class

  9. Thanks for all your sweet comments ladies!

    @Melissa - I used the iPad App called "A Beautiful Mess" to edit the photos in this post. Aren't they the cutest?! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  10. Just found your blog through the Five for Friday linky. I'm so glad I did because I found three new products to check out this summer:
    1. erasable pens
    2. blogging calendar
    3. plug-in

    Thanks for sharing.
    Third Grade Galore

  11. Ahh!! Love me some Scentsy too!! :) Thank goodness my mom sells it! :D Right now, I'm in love with the new scent, Banana Berry. Yum!! And I found your blog through Christina Bainbridge's site. I can't wait to go back and look at your old posts and poke around at everything looks great!! :)

  12. I love the calendar and I wrote down the names of the pens to check them out. I am a little obsessed with Target's Dollar Spot right now: I will see new ideas on people's blogs and if my Target doesn't have it, I go around to others until I find it. I guess this is the season for it!

    Bitty Bilinguals