Currently in June...

Well, it's officially summatime and we are living. it. up!  My family and I have been soaking up the sun and getting a little sunburned in the process, but hey that's part of it!  I have evidence that I've done a *touch* of work along the way for you all.  You can check that out in my next post, but for today let's see what I'm "Currently" up to in June!  I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her super famous, always fun, Currently Linky Party!  Link up for yourself and join in the fun :)

Listening:  We've been outside all day and are a little sun-kissed, so my son is watching SpongeBob {his fave} and I swear the sound of that voice just makes me cringe!  Anyone feel my pain??

Loving:  I seriously love summer break!  I love my job - no doubt about that, but I also love the downtime of summer break.  I get especially excited to sleep in late, take a shower, throw my hair in a pony tail, skip the make up completely, throw on a t-shirt and flip-flops, and enjoy lazy days!  I swear this is the best part of summer.  Forget the work clothes, give this girl a tank top or t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops and I'm a happy camper :)

Thinking:  This will be the first year that we are FLYING to the beach.  We usually drive, but wanted to make a memory for our little one now that he's old enough to remember.  So we did it.  We're flying.  I'm a nervous wreck.  If you knew me in real life, you'd understand.  I worry about everything, and being a bajillion miles high in the sky is definitely making me nervous, but I will just pray, maybe cry a little, and try to enjoy.  EEK!

Wanting:  I am finding myself searching Pinterest, Instagram, and blog stalking like a maniac already trying to get ideas for next school year.  My friend reminded me that "we JUST got OUT of school Jamie" and to relax.  Yeah, I'll try that right after I print out and laminate this cute freebie I found - Ha!  :)

Needing:  Ohhhhhh, the gym.  We have a love/hate relationship.  Every weekend I say I will start back to the gym on Monday.  Well Monday rolls around and life happens and I just don't get there.  Call it lazy, call it busy, call it.....well, we'll just try for next Monday.  :)

3 Vacay Essentials:  Sunscreen is a must.  If you follow my FB Fan Page, you might have heard this little snippet of a story.  I had a minor incident with spray sunscreen.  Apparently I need lessons in applying the spray-on kind of sunscreen, because after a day at the water park, I came home looking like Camilla from "A Bad Case of the Stripes" except my stripes were two colors: RED and WHITE.  Yikes.  My iPad is also a must simply because it's my life.  It's my social media, my calendar, my notes, my iBooks, and well, EVERYTHING!  It is attached to my hip and I like it that way.  Finally, books are a must on vacation.  I normally read on my iPad, but that doesn't work too well in the sun, sand, and ocean so I'm going to have to resort to old-school paper copies of books {sad story, I know}.  On my list are Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah and The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.  I'm still looking for others.  Any ideas friends?

Well, that's it for me!  If you want to share what's happening in your "neck of the woods" head on over to Oh' Boy 4th Grade and link up!  Check back tomorrow for some more news!  :)


  1. I love not having to dress up in the summer! I hate picking out clothes to wear to work. Shorts and flip flops are way more fun!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. I'm not even out of school yet, and I'm searching ideas for next year!! We are nuts!! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

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  4. If you're already looking for ideas for next year, you will love my next Linky party!! Starts on's right up your alley!!

    Good luck flying. I used to love it but now my heart flip flops with any bump. Praying is a must. Wine or a cocktail at the airport helps too! ;) Hopefully on the way home you'll be so relaxed from the beach that you won't notice.

    I've read both FIrefly Lane AND The Storyteller. The Storyteller is one of my all-time favorites. So so good. If you read The Devil Wears Prada, the sequel just came out today. I'm not starting it until school gets out but I'm sure it'll be just as good as the first!!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  5. I have two new book ideas thanks to your blog!
    Found you because of Farley!