Congratulations to the Winners!

A great big THANK YOU to all those who entered my fun little giveaway!  You can check out the original post {HERE}.  Congratulations to Katie Jenkins, Casey Turner, and Linda Kamp who are the winners!  Yes, I did pick THREE winners instead of just one.  I have just emailed all three of you the three products below!

If you entered and didn't win, you can still check out the three products in my TPT Store!  Have a great Friday!  FIVE, yes that's right, FIVE more days of school for me!  Yippee!!

Let me add a real quick note:  YES, I am creating a June/July Common Core Writing Unit just like my others.  I have had many requests from you sweet year-round schoolers, so I have one in the works for ya.  It should be up on TPT this weekend sometime.  Thanks for all the sweet requests!  :)

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  1. Thank you so much, Jamie!! I just love your monthly writing units and am so excited to win all of your fabulousness!! You're the best!