Bloglovin' and June/July Common Core Writing

In case you haven't already heard, Google Reader is going bye-bye.  Yes, it's a sad day.  I loved reading through all of the blogs I follow on Google Reader, but it's going away for good!  So, what is a girl (or guy) to do?  Bloglovin'!  I name right?!  All you have to do is go to and you can easily transfer all of your Google Reader info right into Bloglovin' and all of the blogs you follow will be right there for your viewing pleasure!  You can see a screenshot above.  Of course, my next question was: Is there an app for that?!  YES!  I went straight to the App Store and downloaded Bloglovin' right away and now I can catch up on all of my favorite blogs right from my iPhone, iPad, or computer.  Yippee!  So......

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In other news, I have several sweet followers who teach in year-round schools who have requested a June/July Common Core Writing Pack to finish out their year.  Ask and you shall receive!  It is {here} and cute as can be!  My favorite writing piece in this product is the Shared Research piece where the kiddos get to plan their own summer beach vacation - how FUN!  Check it out below:

{Click the picture below to enlarge it and see the full contents}

The students will write in all 3 genres of writing in the Common Core - Opinion, Informative/Explanatory, and Narrative, PLUS Shared Research Writing (also part of the Common Core) for tons of fun!  Click the Preview above to enlarge and see what the writing pieces are all about.

This concludes the last Common Core Writing Unit!  I have had so much fun creating all of these monthly units and they've been a big hit with you guys as well.  If you're just finding them or are a little late to the game, you can check them all out in my TPT Store.  There's a total of 11 Common Core writing units covering all 12 months of the year!  As always, thanks for all the support you all have given me.  :)

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