Makeover Madness and New Unit!

Well, you could say that I've been slightly obsessed lately with going back to my older products that I created last year and giving them a complete makeover!  It really is quite fun!  The latest product to get a fresh, new look is my Adverb Mini-Unit.  You can see the new cover below.  All of the pages inside the unit have also been given a fresh, new look with new fonts, graphics, frames, and backgrounds.  I think you'll love it!  Remember, the best part is that if you've already purchased this unit, you get the updated, much cuter version now for FREE.  All you have to do is go back to your My Purchases on TPT, find the product, and click Download Now!  It's all yours!  If you haven't purchased this unit yet, you can find it by clicking the pictures below or clicking {HERE}.

Included in the unit are 5 hands-on, engaging activities to teach adverbs in a super fun way!  The kids will be playing board games, acting out adverbs, and more!  This unit is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Grades 2 and 3.  Click on over to my TPT Store to see more!

See below to view all that's included:

Now that I think about it...I'm pretty sure that I never blogged about my brand-new unit called "Let's Investigate the... Characters".  I created and uploaded this a couple weeks ago and never blogged about it - so sorry!  :)

This is a complete unit that hits many Common Core Standards that address the characters in the text.  It is aligned to the Common Core Standards in Grades 1-3.  Activities include graphic organizers and printables that will serve as more than just the typical "worksheets".  The activities will require some higher order thinking as students investigate the characters in the story and how story elements can affect the characters.  I think you'll find that this unit will keep the students engaged and having fun while hitting those Common Core Standards!  You can check it out in my TPT store by clicking either of the pictures below or clicking {HERE}.

Thanks for stopping by 2nd Grade Stuff!  :)


  1. I'm loving your makeovers!! The adverb unit looks awesome (both the makeover and the contents!!).

  2. I found your blog through Amy Lemons. My maiden name is Rector so I knew I had to check out your stuff. It's adorable! I can't wait to use so much of this is my classroom. Thanks for sharing!