Common Core Graphic Organizers: New Look!

Well, y'all, I have been working my booty off to revamp my Common Core ELA Graphic Organizers on TPT.  Let me show you the difference.  You could say I've learned a LOT about graphic design since I first started creating products.  Check it out...

This is a preview of all the much-needed cuteness that I added to my 2nd Grade pack:

This is a preview of all the much-needed cuteness that I added to my 1st Grade pack:

This is a preview of all the much-needed cuteness that I added to my 3rd Grade pack:

AND... if you just want to check out a couple of graphic organizers for FREE, then you can download my FREE SAMPLE pack to check it out before you buy:
The cool part is...if you have already purchased this product, then all you have to do is go back to your "My Purchases" at the top of your TPT page, find the product, and re-download the revised, cuter version for FREE y'all!  Isn't that awesome?!  And if you haven't purchased yet, please click on any image above to check it out in my TPT Store!

ONE LAST REQUEST: Please pin, pin, pin these cute babies right from my TPT store!  I would love to replace the old, outdated pins floating around with these much cuter, newer pins!  Thanks, as always, for your continued support!  You all are awesome!

Oh!  One more thing and I promise, I'm done.  If you made it all the way down to the bottom of this post, then you're better than I am!  I realized I never blogged about my April Common Core Writing Unit that I finished up and posted this weekend.  You can check it out {HERE} or click any of the images below.  I think it's my cutest yet :)

OK, I'm done now!  Enjoy the rest of your week!  :)


  1. These all look amazing! We learn so much along the way. :) I pinned for you!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Jamie, these look fantastic! I thought the originals were pretty amazing, too!

  3. Thanks Linda! They were definitely in need of a makeover though! :)

  4. Looks great! Gonna do download my update now :) Thanks!

  5. I love your monthly writing packs! My kiddos enjoy them too. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm your newest follower by the way! :)


  6. Thanks for the incredibly kind words and being my first follower! It means a lot coming from someone who I admire! :) Your products and blog are wonderful! I am sure I will have plenty of questions along the way and will definitely need any help I can get! Stop by anytime!

    I've Got It Made in Second Grade