Can I Get a Hall Pass Please?!

I am linking up with my friend Reagan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.  She is having a fun linky party called Hall Pass!  Click on the button below to head on over to join in on the fun!

This sounds like fun!  Here are the rules:

So here we go!

P is for Product!  My favorite product by far are my monthly Common Core Writing Packs.  I have one for every month and they have really changed the way we write in the classroom.  I'm talking fun, engaging, authentic writing pieces all aligned to the Common Core Standards for Grades 1-4.  The feedback on TPT is always really great!  My latest pack can be found below, but don't worry, I have one for every month and I usually have the next month's posted by mid-month.  You can expect April's to be posted by mid-March.  I love them all!  Check it out by clicking {HERE} or on the picture below.

A is for Area!  My favorite area of my classroom, well, that's tough!  I love the space in the front of my classroom that includes my board, alphabet, number line (courtesy of Amy Lemons), and my duct-tape-decorated white board.  I think it's neat, appeals to the eye, and is a fun place to learn with my small group-table (lowered to the floor) right in front.
But I also like my Daily Five/CAFE board area.....
.....and my reading corner area.  I love my Dollar Tree baskets.  The blues and greens are a little more calming in this area than my brights everywhere else :)

S is for Signal! Oh, my most favorite signal to get students' attention in the blink of an eye is definitely using Whole-Brain Teaching techniques like CLASS-YES!  If you want to know more about this awesome, awesome signal and more, visit their website to learn a TON!  Also, just go to YouTube and search for whole-brain teaching and you'll find a ton of videos!  Love it!


S is for Sanity! Hmmmm, I have no other words....CAFFEINE!  I am a major fan of Coca-Cola!  They are stocked in my little mini-fridge under my desk.  A Coke coupled with a teeny piece of chocolate out of my desk drawer and I'm good to go!  :)

That's it!  You can go link up with Reagan and share a little piece of you!  I hope you all have had a blessed Sunday and have an even more blessed work week!


  1. Jamie your class is so darn cute! I love it! I want a mini fridge stocked with cokes now! :) YUM! Perfect pick me up for sure!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I LOVE your classroom! It is so organized and colorful! I just bought your March writing packet and am totally in love with it. I plan to use it for centers all next month. Thank you for the great product!


    Leaping into Third

  3. Where did you get the shelves that fit under your whiteboards??