Tell Me More, Tell Me More...Linky Party

I'm linking up with Amy Lemons over at Step Into Second Grade for her Tell Me More, Tell Me More Linky Party.

In the words of one of my sweet bloggy friends, "Let's talk about me for a minute."  Here are some interesting, weird, quirky, and hopefully fun things to learn about me.  AND to keep it a little more interesting, I embedded a cool pin from Pinterest to go along with each interesting fact.  Enjoy :)

1. First and foremost, I am a Christian.  My family goes to church every Sunday and we love having God as the center of our lives.  I LOVE this verse.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

2. I have a fabulous husband and we have a little boy who will be starting 1st grade this year!  Crazy how the time flies.  Fun part is...he'll be in the classroom right down the hall from me - one of the many perks of being a teacher in the same building as your baby {well, maybe not a baby anymore}.  BUT I am contemplating making this to put on my nearly 7-year-old's bedroom wall...

Source: via Roberta on Pinterest

3. I am a Mac Geek.  Yes, in our home we have 2 iPads, 3 iPhones, a Macbook Air laptop, an iMac desktop, and even an Apple TV.  It's safe to say we could keep the great Apple company in business for years to come.  I'm pretty sure the pin below is the coolest thing ever - see, I told ya... gadget geek...

4. I have a friend {I won't call her out online, but she knows who she is} who speaks the blogging lingo.  For example, I can text her and say, "Check out The Teacher Wife's D5 Posters" or "You might be interested in Third Grade Thoughts Word Work Trio" and she totally gets it.  Now my husband... not so much.  He thinks we bloggers are our own little secret society :)

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest 

5. I love the blogging and TPT world and probably definitely spend way too much time doing it, but I LOVE learning, collaborating, chatting, and discovering new things.  Education is my passion and with passion comes hard work.  I LOVE the quote below:

6. I love working out.  I have not had the time to this summer as I've been super busy finishing up my classes and preparing for presentations this summer, but during the school year, I love to exercise.  I wear a heart rate monitor that counts my calories when I work out and it makes me feel SO good to leave the gym knowing I burned 600-700 calories in an hour.  Awesome!

7. I love to read.  It's my "happy time", an escape into another world for a little while.  I read at night after the hubby goes to sleep.  I read in bed on my iPad.  If you have not tried this, you should.  I was one of those people who said, I think I need to feel the actually book in my hands.  Well, once you read a book on your iPad or other handheld, you will never go back to paper.  Convenient and awesome to read in bed without disturbing the dear hubby by having a light on.  Next on my reading list:

8. Quirks...I can't leave these out.  They make me me.  I won't drink out of a cup at a restaurant (must have a straw).  Most of the time I even ask for my drink in a to-go cup.  I won't sit on the inside of a booth at a restaurant either.  I'm a very picky eater, no slimy, mushy, weird textured foods.  I can't sleep unless I'm on my right side with my hand under the pillow.  I hate teeth.  Don't really like feet either.  Spiders make me scream, as well as mice.  I'm a night owl and can easily go on 5 hours of sleep.  My classroom is immaculate, while my house is a mess.  Laundry can pile up for days...don't bother me!  AND Pinterest says it's A-OK :)

Well, that's me in a nutshell.  My favorite clothing attire is jeans and a t-shirt with hair in a ponytail, little to no make-up.  I'll end my post with another pin that I just love and it totally fits the moment.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Now, it's your turn!  Let us know a little about you.  Link up with Amy Lemons by clicking the button below.  Have a great night!


  1. I'm your newest follower! Thanks for linking up :) Maybe your love of working out will rub off on me ;)

  2. LOVE all of your quotes!!!! I feel exactly the same about my house vs. my classroom! lol

    2nd Grade Pad

  3. It was so fun to read about you! I used to like exercise, but somewhere along the way, it go more difficult. Now I prefer to be "lapped" as your quote stated ;) I'm just going to have to get up and do it though!
    Where Seconds Count

  4. I am your newest follower! I loved reading your Quirks that make you -you. Always great to "meet" fellow second graders :)

  5. That is a great Bible verse. Thanks for sharing all the fun things!

    I have a FREEBIE for second grade journals....would love if you would stop by : )

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  6. Love the idea of the pins from Pinterest. I am obsessed with that site too. :) I am your newest follower. Stop by my site sometime.:)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  7. I really need to get a heart rate monitor...are they super expensive?
    I have been working out all summer, but I don't LOVE it yet. But it is becoming a part of my life and even when I don't want to go, I just GO.
    I hope I can learn to love it as much you do!

    Blessings of Teaching

  8. I love to work out to. It keeps me fresh and energized! Thank you for sharing!
    Second Grade Sunshine

  9. I loved the book Water for Elephants. It's a lot better than the movie. I totally get your lingo. Husbands don't have a clue!!
    The Hive

  10. @Katherine, yes the heart rate monitor is quite expensive but if you're counting calories, it is well worth it to determine what a good workout IS or IS NOT. I think mine was around $100 at Target. Good luck!

    Thanks for all the other comments too :)