Number of the Day/Daily Fix It {Freebie}

Just sharing a FREEBIE this afternoon!  Use this printable as morning work or however it suits your needs. The top half will accompany your study of the calendar each day and the bottom half can be used as a Daily Fix It or DOL. I will be placing these in dry erase pouches for my students to complete each morning as morning work. Then we will check it, erase it, and do it again the next day! Hope you can use this in your classroom! :)

Click the picture below to download for FREE!

Graphics by: KPM Doodles and Fancy Dog Studio
Fonts by: www.kevinandamanda.com

This printable was inspired by two fabulous ladies: The Teacher Wife and Lory Evans.  You can check out their versions by clicking their names.


  1. This looks great! I saw it pinned on Pinterest & repinned it as a reminder. This would be great morning work for my kiddies!
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  3. This is a great freebie! I like how you combined the math and language onto one page. Thanks Jamie!

    EduKate and Inspire

  4. Thanks you all!

    @Anonymous, I just tried it and it worked for me on my end. It generates a program called Feedburner that sends you an email if I post new content. Maybe try again or try a different browser?

  5. I've thought about calendar binders or some kind of sheet for each day, but I can't make that many copies at school. Making them to used with a dry erase marker is a super idea. Thanks for sharing that!
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  6. Hi Jamie!
    I just found your blog and am your newest follower! I appreciate the freebie! Putting them in a dry erase pouch to reuse is a great idea!

    Stop by my blog sometime when you have a chance! I'm going back to teaching second grade next year!


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  7. I gave your LOVELY blog an award. Come on by to check it out!
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  8. This is awesome. Exactly something I can use. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  9. Question.....what program do you use to design your printables?

  10. I am loving this Jamie! It's perfect for my second graders!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. I have been collecting number of the day pages so what a fun surprise to find yours! Just started following you :)
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  12. I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower! Thanks for the freebie!

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  13. Love this idea. Can you give an example for the 'Daily Fix it' part? Thanks!

  14. Love this idea and the dry erase pouches. What do the kids need to do in the Daily Fix It? Is that a word work portion (like a daily edit) or is it still to do with numbers?

  15. I'm sorry I'm just now getting back to you. On the Daily Fix-It portion, I provide two incorrect sentences and they have to re-write them correctly. It's the typical Daily Oral Language type activity. I hope you love it! :)

  16. I love this! This year I have been really bad at remembering to do calendar. This would help a ton. I love the idea of putting them in dry erase pouches. I haven't seen those before. Where did you find them?

    Ms Richards's Musings

  17. @Krystyn Richards, I can't remember the name of the company I ordered the dry-erase pouches from, but I know in the summer they have them in the dollar section of Target. BUT I have found that using page protectors work just as well and are a LOT cheaper! Good luck :)

  18. This is great! Thanks. Is there anyway you could change the number of the day to place value of thousands? I like to use this and would like to see those that are ready to move on have more of a challenge. Thank you again.