August Common Core Writing Activities

Writing.  Writing.  Writing.  Seriously one of my weaker areas in my instruction.  I decided I needed to go straight for the standards and start from there!  So here's my plan:  Each month, I am going to try to hit all 3 types of writing found in the Common Core PLUS the shared research also found in the Common Core.  I wanted it to be fun, creative writing, engaging, and authentic.  In the first month (August), the students will be writing about one summer event (Narrative), they will be writing a letter to their classmates telling their opinion of which classroom rule is the most important (Opinion), they will be creating a brochure to give to Kinder students to explain playground safety rules (Informative/Explanatory), and they will be researching and writing a letter to new students about the school and community (Shared Research).  Real authentic writing that is themed and fun!  I love it!

I have outlined the entire year of writing activities with each month being themed and with each month containing these four types of writing found in the Common Core.  I will be posting them as they are created.  I'm pumped and ready to teach writing bigger and better than I ever have!

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Those of you waiting on the Math Quick Assessments for 1st and 3rd, they are in the works I promise, but I needed to get this little unit done so that I'll have it when school starts back.  I got started and just couldn't stop until it was done.  I also have a classroom that I haven't touched....But we won't go there!  :o)


  1. These look wonderful! I'm trying to stay in gear with writing too. I am adding this to my wishlist!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Looks like you have your writing all organized!!

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  3. Getting my writing ducks in a row is on my to-do list next year, too! Thanks for the great starter!

  4. I love these and can't wait to use them with my sweet new darlings coming in - thanks for sharing!

  5. Writing is a challenge for most chidren and my challenge is to get my students to love it as much as I do.