I've Got Perfectly-Cut Circles My Friends :)

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So I began blog stalking hopping nearly a year ago.  I remember one of the first posts that I really liked (I probably would've pinned it had Pinterest been invented) was a post from Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files.  It was a post about her circle cutter and how she made classroom signs and book bin labels using her cutter.  I loved this at first glance and just never got around to purchasing one.  She ordered hers from Amazon (you can find a link on her blog), but if you know me well at all, you know that I am a tad bit impulsive when it comes to wanting something.  I read an updated post about her awesome circle cutter and I needed one yesterday today now!  So did I listen to sweet Kristen and order the really good one from Amazon?...No!  I went to Hobby Lobby and found this little gem.

 This, my friends, is a circle cutter.  Now, it is not the circle cutter that Kristen speaks of, but it worked for today.  BUT not without a little effort.  You see, it was working perfectly at first, but then little paper shavings kept getting in between the plastic parts that move against each other to turn it and it wasn't turning easily.  So what does a girl do??  I got out the cooking spray of course!!  LOL!  I did, seriously, get out the can of cooking spray and spray some on a paper towel and then greased the insides of the paper cutter.  Worked. Like. A. Charm.

When I first started, I wasn't so great.  This was my first attempt.  Totally not a perfect circle.
 Number 2 was my second attempt, you can see I got a little closer this time.
 Number 3 looks pretty doggone good.  I'm starting to get the hang of it!
 I must say, by Number 4, I was pleased with my circle cutting skills!

Now THESE numbers look beautiful!  Doesn't she (my paper cutter) look awesome sitting there in front of perfectly cut circles....ahhhh!

Also my CAFE letters look beautifully perfect and circular :)  The words below are another story...can we say tired hands?

Totally loving my circles....

All of this was made possible with 3 of my favorite things {well, 4 if you include my new circle cutter}.

I love printing on Card Stock!  It lasts!!

Laminating Pouches from Sam's Club.  200 pack for $20.  Best price on these and the quality is awesome!!

 Probably one of the best purchases I've ever made.  Love my Scotch Personal Laminator.  :)

So my favorite shopping item for June would have to be my circle cutter, but I also enjoyed purchasing these items that I posted about in early June.  You can find that post {here}.

Hope you're enjoying your summer.  Today is the last day for my sale on TPT.  Click the graphic below to head over to my store.  Have a happy weekend!


  1. Jamie, your circles are wonderful! I know what you mean about wanting it NOW! When I get ready to do something, I don't want to have to wait on anything...Patience is not my strongest virtue! lol Come by when you get a chance! I'd love for you to visit me!

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox

  2. Do you print, laminate, then cut out? Or do you print, cut, laminate, cut? I have the same laminator and was wondering if you can truly skip cutting twice and if the lamination will hold.


    The Learning Effect

  3. Love and obsessed with everything about this post!!!

  4. I have yet to open my circle cutter. I will be making my CRAFT circles this week as we hold Meet the Teacher this Thursday and my room must look perfect before then :)
    I am on the market for a laminator. I will check out Sam's for the laminator.
    My Second Sense

  5. Oooh! I love how your numbers look! I have been thinking about getting a circle cutter for a while. I should just take the plunge and get one :) I also have that laminator and it is AWESOME! Never thought of trying out the pouches from Sam's. I get the Scotch brand from Joann's with 40% coupons, but your find seems like a much better deal! Are they pretty sturdy?

  6. @Tiffany, I print, laminate, and then cut! No need to double-cut!!! :)

    @Tania, I got the laminator from Walmart, but the laminating pouches from Sam's Club. I would recommend doing the same if you want to save money!

    @Mrs. Sheehan, I actually like these laminating pouches BETTER than the Scotch brand. They're super sturdy! I've never had a problem with them, because it's super thick laminate. More durable and better price!

  7. I love the colors! I am moving to a new school, and the room is in need of some color :)

  8. Do you sell you numbers and cafe signs?

  9. The numbers are available in my "Bright Colors Classroom Decor Pack" on TPT. But, no I don't offer the CAFE signs. Sorry!