De-Stressing Linky Party

There's nothing like a Friday night after a long week!  With that being said, I'm linking up with Brenda over at Primary Inspired.  She's hosting a link party to share ideas for de-stressing.  She is juggling grad classes, teaching, and taking care of family.  I can totally relate!  I'm taking my last class right now, so I'm exhausted as well.  Her question was "How do you de-stress?"  Well, let me show you...

Retail Therapy,


and Zumba!

To all the other grad student/teacher/mommies out there, hang in there!  You'll make it!  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel 'cause I can see it!  Head on over to Primary Inspired and let us know how you de-stress :)

Also, be on the look-out.  I will be posting the Reading Street resources for Bad Dog Dodger and another new creation I'm working's a surprise and I think you'll love it!  :)