Sweetheart Valentine Math and Literacy Centers - 12 Centers

I have just uploaded my first ever Math and Literacy Center pack to my TpT store and it is filled with 64 pages of Valentine's Day cuteness and it is super cheap! And it took me F.O.R.E.V.E.R. because it was my first.  Whew!

Take a look at the preview below to see everything that you get when you purchase this awesome center pack!  The 12 centers include 6 math centers and 6 literacy centers.  Several of the activities/games are differentiated.  Recording sheets are included.  Click on the preview image below to make it larger.

This center pack contains the following:

* Odd and Even Sort - Students will sort number cards into odd and even and complete a recording sheet.

* Sweetheart Game - Students will play a game to practice their addition and subtraction facts.

* Math Fact Fill the Candy Jar Game - Students will spin the spinner and roll a die to find a sum to 20.

* Cupcake Numbers Different Ways - Students will match the cupcake icing to the cupcake bottom to practice expanded form of numbers.

* Ordering Numbers Cookie Sort - Students will sort cookies in order from least to greatest and complete a recording sheet.  This activity is differentiated.

* Whole-Group Math Game - This classic game is a fun review of +5 and +10.  This activity is differentiated with 2 different versions of the game.

* Noun and Verb Sort - Students will sort word cards into two categories: noun and verb and complete a recording sheet.

* Vowel Digraph Sort - Students will read and sort word cards by the oo vowel sound and complete a recording sheet.

* Cupcake Compound Words - Students will match the cupcake icing to the cupcake bottom to form compound words.

* Synonyms are Sweet! Game - Students will roll dice, find their number on the key, read the word, then find a synonym to match that word.  Recording sheet is included.

* Strawberry Sight Word Game - Students will roll a die and go that number of spaces on the game board IF they can read the sight word correctly.  The first game is based on the Dolch sight words for Kindergarten, the second game is based on the Dolch sight words for 1st grade, and the third game is based on the Dolch sight words for 2nd grade.

* Sweetheart Word Work - Students use letter cards to make words and complete a recording sheet.

* Valentine Word Work - Students will use letter cards to make words and complete a recording sheet.

I hope you enjoy :)

For those of you who read all the way to the bottom of the post, here's an odd and even FREEBIE for you!  Click here to download the FREEBIE below.

Jamie Rector


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